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UPW Version 1.05 Announcement

KA2UPW has completed his PACSAT Sound Card UPLINK software that can uplink
Manchester encoded 1200 baud PACKET data to the AO16, LO19 and IO26 packet
digipeaters.  He sent me the following to pass along to the AMSAT-BB

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 05:17:32 PST
From: Douglas Quagliana <dquagliana@hotmail.com>

   I have placed UPW version 1.05 up on the web. UPW is the soundcard
digital signal processing program that allows anyone with a computer,
soundcard, and 2m radio to uplink APRS style status/positions/messages to
the 1200 baud PACSATs.

The zipped executable is available at:


The documentation is available at:


Douglas KA2UPW

This is uplink software for the traveler to be able to uplink
position/status and messages via these digipeating satellites.
The assmption is that back home somewhere, somone is using their PSK
packsat ground station to track the bird and to capture your
reports and feed them into the worldwide APRServe network for delivery to
the intended recepient.

These three birds are available for this use.  The problem is having
enough  people using this mode to make it worthwhile for the ground
stations to do the tracking.  But at least now, anyone with a sound card
can uplink....  As soon as someone writes a "sound-card" receiver for the
PSK downlink, then anyone will have 15 opportunitites a day to
communicate from his travels...


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