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Re: Rotor computer interfaces, anyone using a Yaesuinterface

>Regarding computer interfaces for a rotor, I asked this mailing list a few weeks ago for suggestions. I got about 6-7 responses with no clear winner. People were happy with many different interfaces.  However, NO ONE mentioned the Yaesu computer interface. I know it is probably the most expensive, but I wonder if anyone is using it or has heard about problems with it.
>Rich Parry, W9IF

The GS-232 ??

I have started using it again as MacDoppler_PRO supports it.
I don't know which WIN programs have a driver for the GS-232.

I love my Kiron SatTrak IV standalone track box, too bad it is not
still available.

(Now if someone were to use a PALM and a PIC controller ... )



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