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RE: Antennas

> Good morning to all,
>   As a new guy I was wondering are there any favorite
> omni directional antennas that I could utlize to
> work the Satellites? I know that working the HF links
> that a dipole or other simple antennas will work. I
> am interested in the 220 and 440 range. Thanks in
> advance.

While I'm not a fan of omnidirectional antennas myself, some people do have
a real need for them (typically base stations who can't put up beams and/or
suitable rotators).  The most popular antennas would be the eggbeater or the
turnstile-reflector, which offer a fairly omnidirectional pattern with
circular polarization (over at least part of its radiation pattern).  You'll
probably find details of these designs in the ARRL antenna book or the
satellite handbook.

BTW, you won't find much satellite activity on 220, it's not an
international band.  I'd build for 145 and 435 MHz, for a first up VHF/UHF

If you already have hardware for rotatable beams (e.g. an existing HF
station), I'd suggest something like K5OE's Texas Potato Masher II, which is
a circularly polarized beam with a wide radiation pattern, so no elevation
rotators are needed.  Just pop them on your existing mast.  Jerry's page is


Also have a look at http://members.aol.com/homebrewpics for other
peoples'ideas. :-)

The other alternative (and the strategy I've adopted) is to simply go
portable and build a handheld beam for this purpose.  This works well and
avoids the hassles of landlords, tower permits and the like. :-)
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