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Re: 9913F??

Ronald Long wrote:

> You might also look at Aircom Plus. This is a German made coax with a
> better support for the center conductor, but still largely an air
> dielectric. They have special N connectors also. Although the center
> conductor is solid they say it has no problem with bending due to the
> better support of the center conductor.

I would prefer instead H2000flex. That cable provides better datas in
At last years ham radio show in Friedrichshafen (european counterpart of
a swiss GHz guy (yes one of thoses silver-plating their horn
antennas(for test)) pointed out that there is a problem with AirCom
Although they have improved the support of the center conductor since
original Aircom cable the H2000flex is definetly the better cable.(He
cast suspicion on the
diameter of the center connector),
although there is more air in the Aircom and H2000 use 'only' foam.

You also avoid these VERY expensive N connectors (mechanically very
impressing!)allowing you to use standard 10.3mm N connectors.
And there is less degradation when bending the cable.
73 de Claus
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