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Re: Antennas

Mercxx@aol.com wrote:

> As a new guy I was wondering are there any favorite
> omni directional antennas that I could utlize to
> work the Satellites? I know that working the HF links
> that a dipole or other simple antennas will work. I
> am interested in the 220 and 440 range. Thanks in
> advance.

Satellites? 220? Do tell... :-)

The main thing you're looking for is moderate gain at
moderate elevations (30-50 degrees or so).

Quick and dirty: ground plane.

Less quick, but still dirty: turnstile, Lindenblad.

Even less quick, not quite as dirty: quadrifilar helix,
eggbeater, Texas potato masher.

You can whomp up a sample of any of these in a couple
of hours. With the exception of the last (is it on the
net somewhere?), these are all documented in all the
usual references.

It may be satellites, but it's still radio. People seem
to forget this...
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