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G 5400 vs. G 5500 rotators


      It looks like I may be purchasing an Az/El rotator soon, and I was
wondering about the merits / differences between the 5400 (If I can find
one) and the 5500.  I know the 5500 has 450 degrees of rotation and the 5400
has only 360.

1.  Are there any other differences I should be aware of?

2.  Is 90 degrees worth the extra $100?

3.  Does one really need to spend another $300 - $400 on the computer
interface for computer intefacing?

4.  Are they made to sit on a tower shelf (ie do I need to buy a clamp for
mast mounting)?

5.  Anything else I should know?

Thanks and 73,
Gary "Joe" Mayfield ka0yos

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