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RE: Full Wave Loops

> I second the gain idea. Gain is always good and a 3 element 
> beam is small,
> too. Cushcraft makes a pair of 3 element beams mounted back 
> to back for 2m
> and 70cm. If you're in the mood to make 'em, check out
> http://members.home.net/ac3l/antenna.htm and notably, the 
> direct connect
> beams about halfway down the page. I've built those and they 
> work very well
> and are quite small. They're good enough that I've used them 
> to work through
> AO-10 8,000km out. They were mounted on a telescope tripod so 
> I didn't have
> to hold the things the whole time and could easily rotate 
> them to match the
> satellite polarity. Not as simple as an eggbeater in 
> operation, but you'll
> get a lot more gain and you'll need all the gain you can get 
> to be heard
> through the FM mess.

We could probably all suggest one antenna design or another.  There are many
possibilities.  Jerry, K5OE, has a home brewers page which has a few
peoples' antenna ideas.  I have constructed my own design beam which is a
combination of some of Jerry's ideas and the tried and true DL6WU Yagi
design, well known to many VHF DXers.

My design can be found at http://www.qsl.net/vk3jed/2m70cmant1html.html.  I
have worked UO-14 and SO-35 on it, and have tested it on FO-20, with beacon
strength signals into FO-20, using 2W uplink power.  I have worked ZL on
UO-14 while literally walking down the street!  (lucky it was late at night,
or someone might have wondered what was going on :) ).
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