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Re: Full Wave Loops

Dave Tipton wrote:

> Ok, so given my tight space restrictions, let me pose this question...
> If I were to cut 2 Loops.  One 27.8 inches long on 432MHz and mount that 6
> 1/2 inches above a sheet of metal (Which is 1/4 wavelength theoretically
> creating a nice 2db donut shaped pattern across the horizon.) and then do
> the same on 145 (83 inches in diameter and approx 19 1/4 inches up), would
> this be a good effective antenna array for AO-27 and UO-14?
> I know I ask too many questions, but this is why I spent 10 years in
> college and my friends call me Doctor Dave.. :grin:
> Dave

By George, I think he's got it.

Jim Walls - K6CCC

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