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RE: AO-27

Sid said this:
> "Unless your acquainted with others who consider it "their" satellite 
> you'll never make contact."

Not true Sid, but you do sort of need to learn how things are done on the FM
satellites, and you MUST be rather aggressive.  If all you do is throw out
your call a few times, you will be lucky if anyone calls you back.  On the
other hand, if you call someone (and actually are heard through the
satellite), you likely will get a callback.  That's likely about all you'll
get however as the operation is very fast paced.  If someone does call you,
you MUST be ready to answer instantly or else someone else will make some
other call.  All those practices of leaving a nice long pause like is common
on repeaters is not going to get you very far on the FM satellites.  Keep
the transmissions short!  About the only time I can hold an extended QSO is
on a pass that JUST BARELY skirts the west coast.

I HIGHLY recommend that you operate full duplex so you can hear if you are
actually getting heard through the satellite.  The first part is to make
sure you are hearing the satellite OK.  If you can't hear conversations when
there should be a pass, and the footprint of that pass covers any
significant part of the US, you have a receive or pass prediction problem.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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