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RE: Re: [ ISS Call sign

Dave Tipton[SMTP:tiptond@psi.com] asked:

> Seems to me I remember a question on the General Test (From like 1986)
> that stated you had to be an Extra or a Club with an Extra as a trustee to
> attach your call sign to a sattelite.  Why this intrigued me so much,
> (even more so, why do I remember this???) I don't know...   

Yep,  used to be that way.  In fact, since most of the shuttle astronauts
that were hams have tech licenses, the FCC had to grant they waivers to
operate from the space shuttle.  That has changed.  97.207a states "Any
amateur station may be a space station.  A holder of any class operator
license may be the control operator of a space station, subject to the
privileges of the class of operator license held by the control operator".
I suspect someone got tired of having to grant the waivers so the rule got

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