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NCC callsign

RogerKola@aol.com (WA1KAT) wrote:
Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: [ ISS Call sign

> And it doesn't even really have a location....what?  500 miles above 
> anywhere?  SPACE....The Final Frontier...(what about NCC? ... oops 
> sorry...that's a US call..lol)

Yes, it *is* a US call. Know why? NCC1701 was the registration number of an
airplane Gene Rodenberry used to fly. A lot of the same national prefixes are
used for aircraft registrations as for radio callsigns. <grin> Later on
retroactively the decision was made (like so much Trek Tech) that the NCC stood
for "Naval Construction Contract", long about the time Franz Josef Designs
published a set of floor plans for the Enterprise."

 73 de Maggie, sometimes pilot in command of N19672, who's looking forward to
the first *crewed* amateur radio spacecraft. I'm available...

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