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RE: ISS Call sign

>            It seems to me that everyone suggesting an nonnational call
> for the ISS is on the right track.  How can we promote unity 
> if we have
> nationality getting in the way?  In fact the use of any call that dose
> not reflect the multi national nature of  ISS, and  space 
> exploration in
> general would to my thinking at least tend to be divisive,

As I mentioned on ICQ the other day, I prefer not to get involved in these
discussions (prefer to stick to matters where I can more easily make a
difference, like promoting our hobby :) ).  However, you raise an important
point in that the ISS (unlike any previous manned space station) is not
owned by a single country, and it would be appropriate that the station's
callsign reflect this multinational aspect of the station.
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