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Re: AO-27

Today Sid said this:
"Unless your acquainted with others who consider it "their" satellite 
you'll never make contact."

Sis, Sid , Sid

I totally disagree with you Sid. Many of the operators will come back to 
you, IF THEY HEAR YOU. It is entirely possible that your are just not 
"getting into" the bird. If you can go full duplex, while not necessary, 
use it. If you are using an HT then it would be wise to use headphones 
while on duplex because you will get feedback when you finally hear 
yourself and that will only add to the QRM. Listen for your voice. If you 
can't here you self, then your are not "into" the bird. Mega power is not 
necessary. However, a good gain antenna is. I worked AO27 on Saturday with 
only a Kenwood THD7 and an Arrow antenna. I made 6 or 7 contacts with no 

Newbies are welcome on the bird. I can advise not to use CQ. Throw out your 
call and see what happens. When I first started trying to use AO27, it took 
me a month to make my first contact.

Don't give up. It is tough, no doubt. Try not to work the bird on Saturday 
or Sunday. They are the busiest days. (I know that most employers won't 
give you "satellite break" HI) Hey, maybe we demand one! I don't think 
anyone considers AO27 as "their" bird. It is OUR bird and your are welcome. 
Folks tend to forget that they once had to make that first contact.

Tell ya what, if you can work the bird Tuesday or Wednesday, let me know. I 
will make sure to try and get back to you. Here is the pass data.

    Date      AOS       LOS     Duration  Between  AOSAz MaxEl LOSAz  Height
3/28/00   09:01:16  09:14:14  00:12:58  10:24:51      34°         17° 
154°       793
*3/28/00   10:40:12  10:54:56  00:14:43  01:25:57        4°        45° 
   210°       793*
3/28/00   12:23:02  12:28:54  00:05:51  01:28:06      327°        2° 
280°       793

3/29/00   08:35:10  08:45:29  00:10:19  08:50:54        46°        8° 
  134°      793
*3/29/00   10:12:56  10:28:03  00:15:06  01:27:27        11°      86° 
  195°      793*
3/29/00   11:54:13  12:04:24  00:10:11  01:26:10      342°        8° 
255°      793

The two marked with the asterisk are the best passes and will be the 
greatest chance of success for you.

Email me off list and we'll talk.


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