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More efforts to save Iridium

Hi all,  

A friend pointed me to the following URL (thought others might also 
find it interesting): <http://www.saveiridium.com/index.htm>.  Here 
is an extract from the page:

 > Rather than watch Iridium receive a very large tax write off for
 > destroying what could quite possibly be the greatest experiment in
 > human engineering, we are working towards acquiring the Iridium
 > Network through partnerships, merchandising and donations. This is a
 > serious venture. Your assistance is requested. 
 > As a group we plan to open the Irridium network up to people
 > everywhere for the purpose of extending the internet and its
 > cabilities. We invite scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, and
 > people like you to join us in creating the world's first global
 > satellite based open source public network. 

They link a site which displays satellite footprints, as seen from 
the satellite: <http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/satellite.html>.

Johann Lochner, ZR1CBC

   JG Lochner  ESL, Universiteit van Stellenbosch
   e-pos:      lochner@ing.sun.ac.za
   webtuiste:  http://esl.ee.sun.ac.za/~lochner

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