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Trouble Shooting a 736


I have a Yeasu 736R that is developing some strange symptoms.
Has anyone else seen any of these? I would appreciate any help,
or else it's back to the "shop" and a good service bill I'm sure.

1. You have to turn it on twice.
    When you press the AC button in, nothing happens, no dial lamps,
    no audio, nothing. If you release the AC switch, and then press it in
    again, the rig come on and works. I though this was a bad AC switch,
    and have replaced it already with one from Yeasu.

2. When you turn the rig off, it "Beeps".
    Once the rig is "working" after the above process, when it is turned off
    I get a single "beep" from the speaker.

3. The output audio is becoming distorted.
    After the rig warms up, a half hour or so, the speaker audio output
    becomes "fuzzy" or distorted. This is NOT seen on the discriminator
    mod output audio, the rig does 9600 baud packet fine.

Given the above, I suspect the power supply.

Anyone ever seen this?
Thanks,   Gary


Gary Bargholz
AMSAT Area 9 Coordinator, Wisconsin
Chairman:  W.A.R. The WI Association of Repeaters
Treasurer:  M.R.C. The Milwaukee Repeater Club 146.910MHz PL 127.3
Owner:      N9UUR Repeater Milwaukee 442.425 MHz PL 127.3
                N9UUR-10 Milwaukee APRServe IGate (N9UUR.IMC.MU.EDU:23)
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