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Re: Icom 706

In a message dated 3/23/00 9:17:13 AM Mountain Standard Time, tiptond@psi.com 

> Now...  With all the fuss about the full duplex issue...  I own several 2M
>  FM rigs.  My primary interest is in the AO27 bird and working the FM
>  Repeator type birds.  I can do this effectively with the 706's 70cm side
>  (Which has a hell of a lot better tuning than my HT) and a 2M Mobile rig.

I made a lot of contacts on AO27 using an Arrow and an FT50 which is not a 
full duplex HT.   However, after I got a full duplex HT (an FT51) I would 
never go back.  There are simply too many opportunities to get stepped on 
while using the FM birds and I know that when I hear others getting in while 
I'm trying to respond that I must try again.

Secondly, a mobile rig with a vertical antenna makes a horrible combination 
for AO27.  You will miss a lot of calls because you'll only hear the downlink 
periodically, but your 50W will be stomping on others who can hear the 
downlink and you'll make yourself quite unpopular in a hurry.  Also, using an 
Arrow  handheld antenna with a rig mounted on your console will be difficult 
to tune while steering the antenna (i.e., one arm needs to be outside the car 
and the other arm inside the car).  You're right that the tuning on the 706 
will be more precise, but you'll also find that the 5kHz steps for the 
Doppler correction on an HT is not a serious drawback on FM birds.


Lee Devlin, KØLEE  (K0LEE)
Greeley, CO
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