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Re: 9913F??

You really should think about using 'Aircom Plus', as already
mentioned here in the list.
I have no problems at all with this cable, using it since several
But you should also use the correct type of N connectors, even if
they are about 50% more expensive than 'normal' N-connectors. This
connectors have a perfect mechanical fitting to the cable, and they
are waterproof.
Unfortunately, I don't know where to get 'Aircom Plus' and the
connectors stateside


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Betreff: RE: [amsat-bb] 9913F??

 > I was at Ham Radio Outlet in Anaheim (in the "new" store) a week
ago and
 > they reported that Belden had discontinued 9913 and they did not
have any
 > more and everybody was backordered on 9913F.  He did not saw why,
but the
 > fact that "everybody" is backordered on 9913F would go along with
 > elses comment about Belden having a problem with it.  I ended up
 > Times LMR-400.
 > As  to someone elses comment about getting water in 9913, I have 5
runs of
 > the stuff that got put up last November and so far I have had
problems with
 > water in only one of the runs.  The 2M satellite antennas feedline
 > showing a high SWR due to water.  I have drained it 4 times so far
and every
 > time it's fine for a while and then the high SWR returns (I
noticed it again
 > early this morning when I could hardly get into FO-20).  What's
 > about that is the satellite antennas have GasFet pre-amps mounted
in an
 > outdoor electrical box mounted just below the rotor and the 9913
runs from
 > that protected environment to a bulkhead feedthrough panel under
my house
 > which is also weather protected.  I will be replacing the 9913
with the
 > LMR-400 either shortly or when I redo my antennas after putting up
my tower
 > this spring.
 > 73
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