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RE: Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2000 #95

> My FT-847 has a handle on one side and feet on the other. 
> Does that mean it's
> portable? :-) I'm going to be on a business trip next week, 
> and I'm *aching* to
> take the thing with me. I probably won't though; got too much 
> other impedimentia
> that must travel with me.

I just take a couple of HTs and some portable whips  for working the FM
birds while away.  I had occasion to work SO-35 from Sydney that way, and
have worked both SO-35 and UO-14 portable around town on many occasions.
Might be doing the same tonight, as I have a work party.  Will see if I can
slip out for tonight's SO-35 pass. :-)

Effectively, it's a "wearable" satellite station. :-)

> I was looking seriously at the ICOM 821, but when I saw the 
> FT-847 had HF also,
> my decision was made for me, since I didn't already have an 
> HF rig of my own
> (I've been using my partner KB3DVJs station at home). Now I'm 
> almost an
> all-Yaesu operator: VX-5 in my purse, FT-90 in my car, and 
> FT-847 at home (and
> out in the parking lot evenings fishing for birds with the 
> Arrow, soon, no
> doubt.) The "almost"s are my Alinco DJ-5T and my Sony ICF-2010.

I have more Icom than anything else, myself, but if I had cause to purchase
a base rig in the near future, it would probably be the 847.

For mobile work, probably the IC 706, with something jury-rigged for the Rx
side for satellites. :-)
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