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Re: 9913F??

At 08:35 PM 3/22/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>I recently inquired a local (Seattle) supplier (Westlake Electronic
>Supply) about getting some 9913F. ...

You might also look at Aircom Plus. This is a German made coax with a 
better support for the center conductor, but still largely an air 
dielectric. They have special N connectors also. Although the center 
conductor is solid they say it has no problem with bending due to the 
better support of the center conductor.


Contrary to the experience of most people I have had regular 9913 up for 10 
years without water or flex problems. Of course Columbus is a desert. :-)

Thanks for the heads-up on a new Belden product. We will be watching for more.

73, ron w8gus.

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