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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2000 #95

 "David M. Tipton, PhD" <tiptond@psi.com> wrote: 

> Geesh, seems that the Icoms have it, however, I'm wondering why people seem
> so opposed to these two rigs.  They are cost effective and relatively full
> featured.  I don't wanna spend the extra $400 for 847 right now, though it's
> not being precluded from future consideration.  Right now though, the
> portability is a very serious concern as I travel almost perpetually.

My FT-847 has a handle on one side and feet on the other. Does that mean it's
portable? :-) I'm going to be on a business trip next week, and I'm *aching* to
take the thing with me. I probably won't though; got too much other impedimentia
that must travel with me. 

I was looking seriously at the ICOM 821, but when I saw the FT-847 had HF also,
my decision was made for me, since I didn't already have an HF rig of my own
(I've been using my partner KB3DVJs station at home). Now I'm almost an
all-Yaesu operator: VX-5 in my purse, FT-90 in my car, and FT-847 at home (and
out in the parking lot evenings fishing for birds with the Arrow, soon, no
doubt.) The "almost"s are my Alinco DJ-5T and my Sony ICF-2010. 

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