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RE: Icom 706

Ok, here's a thought.  My principal reason for wanting the smaller rig is
for travel.  That said, it's looking like I will go with the 706 for now.  

Now...  With all the fuss about the full duplex issue...  I own several 2M
FM rigs.  My primary interest is in the AO27 bird and working the FM
Repeator type birds.  I can do this effectively with the 706's 70cm side
(Which has a hell of a lot better tuning than my HT) and a 2M Mobile rig.

Is *THIS* a solution that will keep me out of the Wolfhong (SP?) hall of
fame with you guys??  

SInce my other interests are in HF, VHf Terrestrial, I think this is a
good solution.

I may regret this.. But, Comments??


On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Tony Langdon wrote:

> > Geesh, seems that the Icoms have it, however, I'm wondering 
> > why people seem
> > so opposed to these two rigs.  They are cost effective and 
> > relatively full
> > featured.  I don't wanna spend the extra $400 for 847 right 
> > now, though it's
> > not being precluded from future consideration.  Right now though, the
> > portability is a very serious concern as I travel almost perpetually.
> I can't be 100% sure, but from what I've seen, the 706IIG can't operate
> crossband full duplex like the 847, so that can make it limiting for
> satellite work.
> Either that or the person I know with one needs a few pointers on getting it
> to go full duplex :)
> I have no idea on the FT 100, never even seen one close up.

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