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Re: Uni_Trac and Windows 2000

At 08:33 AM 2/16/00 -0500, John Morley wrote:
>Can someone tell me what the guidelines are for posting messages to the
>AMSAT reflector with an overt, or otherwise, commercial content?

The guidelines for AMSAT-BB are sent out to each new subscriber. If you need to get a new copy of this message (and you are a current subscriber), you can obtain one by email by sending the command "intro amsat-bb" to majordomo@amsat.org.

I quote here the pertinent paragraphs:

>* AMSAT-BB has a very broad definition.  Please be tolerant of
>discussions that may not seem very closely related to amateur
>satellites.  Please do try to limit your discussions to subjects
>that are related in some way to amateur satellites.  There are
>other forums for other subjects.
>* "For Sale" items are permitted, on an occasional, non-commercial
>basis.  Vendors may make a one-time announcement of a new product
>related to amateur radio satellites.

The subject message doesn't fall exactly within the explicit permissions granted above, but in my opinion it is within the intent, which is to permit *informative* messages that are likely to be of interest to many readers, even if they also advance a commercial interest.

73  -Paul
AMSAT-NA VP/Electronic Publication

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