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THD7A question.

    My name is Nathan Hagerman, I'm a senior at the United States Air Force
Academy.  I am trying to use a Kenwood THD7A for a satellite balloon
prototype, and I'm having a problem getting it to run in kiss mode.  Our
SpaceQuest flight computer outputs KISS packets (we can see that through a
comtap program and through using the computer before on other projects), but
we cannot get the radio to transmit the packets. We have tried software
commanding the radio into KISS mode from a PC (<kiss on> and then <restart>
from a dumb terminal), disconnecting it from PC and connecting it to the
flight computer and PTT'ing the radio while the computer sends packets, but
we get no modulation on the signal.  The radio is not shut off between
changing computers, in hopes of staying in KISS mode, but still no success.
Does anyone know what process will work to get the radio into a KISS mode
that will function?  Thanx in advance.

C1C Nathan Hagerman
United States Air Force Academy

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