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Uni_Trac and Windows 2000


I have just completed an evaluation of Windows 2000 Professional
to verify the action of my Uni_Trac satellite tracking system.

My system works without any software or hardware changes
in its stand alone mode.

When used in conjuction with the DDE connections of Nova 
for Windows 2.0w, the latest releases of Wisp, and WinOrbit,
all the above 3 programs operate correctly. I have not done
an in depth evaluation of every feature of the associated

The evaluation was under duress somewhat. The test bed was
a Pentium 166 Mhz laptop with 48 MBytes of ram. Microsoft
calls for a minimum of 64 MBytes. However despite some
additional evidence of the swap to hard disk activity the programs
ran concurrently with copies of the Visual Basic 6 IDE, and a 
copy of Word6 with no viisual evidence of delay  .

I will have to supply a slightly different port driver than I do
now for NT4 it seems. This is of course included free of charge
on the Uni_Trac distribution CD.

Dave Lamont      ZL2AMD         www.qsl.net/zl2amd/

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