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RE: Re: [sarex] ISS Call sign RZ3DZR

Hi, Eric,

At 02:25 PM 22-03-00 -0500, Eric Rosenberg/Jennifer Gruber wrote:
>As Art says, there are precedents for a "UN" Callsign:

Not quite.

There is precedent for some international organizations, including the UN, 
to have a call sign block allocated.  The stations cited were all within 
the 4U block and are all stations at UN posts (Geneve, New York) or 
affiliated organizations (ITU, World Bank, etc.).

A very small number of international organizations, including the World 
Meteorological Organization, have their own call sign blocks.

The idea discussed in San Diego is to have the administrations 
participating in ISS request a new call sign block from the ITU Secretary 
General, the normal starting point in the process.  This block would be for 
special multinational projects in which it might be inappropriate to have a 
call sign associated with a single country.

Given the multinational nature and spirit of the ISS, the special call sign 
block approach seems appropriate to me.  Although, if the UN thought it 
appropriate to provide a call sign for ISS operations, that would suit just 
fine, too, I think.

As they say, this between them and a higher authority who is not me.

73, art.....

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