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Re: Antenna suggestions

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for your comments.

 > Well, keep at it.  A lot of my early antenna projects were failures too.
 > Fortunately these days, the success rate is a lot higher (though I haven't
 > cracked a good 23cm antenna yet though, lots of failures there - that's my
 > next antenna project!).

My lack of success on building antennas dates back over 20 years. My most
successful (operation wise) has been a 10m wire dipole for RS-13.
Impressive, eh?

When I was tuning it up with an MFJ-259 I has getting 1.5:1 SWR. Put it up
and I get 2.3:1 or worse. On the basis that I have no problem hearing RS-13
with it, I really don't care that much what the SWR is.

To be closer to the truth, the old adage 'if it works don't fix it' springs
to mind. Yes, I admit, I'm too frightened to even touch it for fear the
G6LVB kiss of death will push it into my personal dead antenna landfill.

 > 10 dB, yuk!  I find even a few dB of coax loss can make things
 > more difficult, to the point that I find a 1/2 wave whip on a HT much
 > than the shack vertical.  If I could, in this situation, I'd be running a
 > decent preamp to minimise the effect of coax loss.

I've tried verticals directly outside my basement apartment. Even with 10dB
of coax loss, the vertical at over 100' agl beats the heck out of anything
put closer to the shack. All of the buildings around me are about 100' high.

The preamps are going up just as soon as I get a moment up there!

73s Howard G6LVB

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