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Re: Iridium to Burn

At 12:13 PM 3/18/00 -0600, Neil Johnson wrote:

 >I'm not sure how useful they would be to HAMS:

My comments were made tongue-in-cheek.  It was a mild attempt at humor.

 >I think one of the best things to come out of this was the demonstration
 >that is possible to mass-produce satellites that are reliable. I believe
 >Motorola had the cycle time for building/testing an Iridium satellite down
 >about 4 DAYS instead of the industry average of several months.

Don't know where you got your figures.  Maybe they could ASSEMBLE the
component parts and test them in four days, but the part I was involved in,
reaction wheel assembly, took hundreds of man hours and several weeks per RWA.


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