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Re: IT error XE2YVW

At 11:56 AM 3/21/00 -0500, xe2yvw@xe2crh.ampr.org wrote:
>Hi Boys, I have an error in IT, I am using just analog satellites so all corrections in dates are by hand, yesterday I saw that
>  I have errors in this satellites, I know that are Y2K error but this exist when Keps are by hand ?

There are Y2K bugs in the manual entry routines, too. However, if you check the line below where it says "Epoch Time" on the "Manual Edit Satellite Elements" screen, InstantTrack echoes back the date you entered in human-readable form. If it looks correct on that line, then it is correct and InstantTrack should get the right answers.

When you say "I have an error", what do you mean? Do you mean an error message coming from InstantTrack, or simply incorrect tracking results? If there is an error message, then something may be wrong with the element set you typed in. What error message are you seeing?

73  -Paul

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