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Re: DXpedition Antennas

I understand now!  

Actually the insulated vs. grounded was a diversion.  I know that all
the examples of cross beams I've seen have insulated elements.
I've been thinking about an equivalent antenna using arrow shafts like
the arrow antennas, but longer; and those elements are grounded.
The question is: Is one better then the other?

73, doug

   Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 22:15:50 -0500
   From: B Sinbine <stonehaven@webcombo.net>

   At 19:59 2000-03-20 , Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 wrote:
   >The tripod is easy.  They're often used for speaker stands in
   >professional audio setups (or even those of us in the streets for
   >demonstrations), but I can't picture the replacement of the insulators
   >with nylon screws.  Can you describe it in more detail?
   >So what's the advantage of insulated elements over non-insulated?
   >73, doug

   It worked real good. The little bolts are about 3/8" if I remember right and
   Mike drilled the boom out so they would fit it. Then he drilled out the center
   of the nylon bolts so the elements would be able to go through it and set them
   in the proper location so when the elements were put on and the nylon nut was
   put on the elements would be centered. It worked out real good.

   If you look at your beam you will see that your elements are already insulated
   from the boom in most antennas..

   73, Bill N4XEO

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