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Re: Iridium frequencies

A couple days ago there was a questions and various answers about what
frequencies the Iridium (RIP) phones and satellites used.  I have in my very
hands, a brochure on that system that got handed to me in a "dog and pony"
show that Motorola put on for my employer.  Here is what that brochure says:

Best viewed in monospaced font (such as courier)

Telephone and messaging service links   1616 - 1626.5 MHz (L band)
Intersatellite links                    23.18 - 23.38 GHz (Ka band)
Ground segment downlinks                19.4 - 19.6 GHz   (Ka band)
               uplinks                  29.1 - 29.3 GHz   (Ka band)

Some other possibly useful information:

Satellites                     66 (plus 6 in-orbit spares)
Orbital planes                 6
Orbital height                 485 miles
Inclination of orbital planes  86.4 degrees
Orbital period                 100 minutes 28 seconds
Satellite weight               1500 pounds
Spot beams                     48 per satellite
                               (30 miles in diameter per beam)
Digital voice / data rates     2.4 Kb/s

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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