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RE: Antenna suggestions

I have 2 comments. First, I have experienced better performance than
you reported from the 70cm Eggbeater antenna. It has been a while since
I have used that configuration, but you might check the overall system.
You didn't mention how close your preamp is to the antenna, what type
of cable is being used, what rig is being used or the typical elevation
of the satellite pass. All of these can affect performance, but you
probably already know that. I find looking at the overall picture will
sometimes help to identify weak links other than the one that is the 
focus of my attention.

Second, your antenna selection seems well thought out. It would be 
interesting to determine if there are polarity switchers available 
that could be adapted to the M2 antennas. I've been impressed by the
quality of the M2 products more than most others. Your mileage may vary.
A beam antenna should allow you to work the LEO's more reliably and
to lower elevations.

It looks like you're on the right track.

Duane Naugle

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On my base station, I am currently using the M2 70cm eggbeater with SSB 
70cm preamp to listen to the LEOs (UO22, KO23, KO25, TO31, UO14, AO27, 
SO35, the PACSATS and eventually P3D). I can hear these satellites, but the 
signals are only slightly above the noise level. On my mobile station, 
using my hand held "directional" Arrow antenna I get much better results 
over the base stations's Omnidirectional eggbeater. So it is time to bite 
the bullet and purchase a good antenna and rotor for the base 
station.  Here is what I am planning.

The M2 multi element yagis are nice, but they do NOT allow polarity 
switching. I think that is important so I am not considering the M2

I have heard good things about their satellite antennas, but they are out 
of business. I don't want to worry about getting spare parts etc.

Haven't heard much about these, but someone said the "older" Hy-Gains were 
very poor.

This is my current choice. I plan on getting the A144-10T a (2 x 5 element) 
beam for 2 meters, the 416TB (2 x 8 element) beam for 440. These are about 
6 feet long. The longer 12 foot antennas provide only 3-4 db more gain and 
I think I need it considering my goal of working the LEOs rather than AO10.

Your comments on my reasoning and choice are welcome,
Rich Parry, W9IF

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