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Re: Antenna suggestions


I also read the eggbeater QST review and based on that I got it. It was 
virtually useless until I purchased the SSB preamp. A preamp is a must. I 
lost a lot in my 60 foot run to the shack. The SSB Preamp made all the 
difference in the world. If I turn the preamp off, I typically cannot hear 
the signal, so you can see what a difference it makes.

Regarding the eggbeater I have the 440MHz unit, lots of guys have used 
them. I think I am the only one that is disappointed. I can hear the 
signals, but they are only slightly above the noise level making copy 
rough. For example, the S meter on my FT847 is about S 2 or less for UO14 
and S 1 or less for AO27.

If you don't want to take the time and expense of a directional system, I 
would purchase the SSB preamp and make an antenna. Following is a snippet 
of someone who responded to me. Good luck.

Hi Richard:

Before you go to all of the time (and expense) of a yagi system, check
out Jerry's site and see what you can find to help you. I love his
designs and you might just find the right antenna for your situation.

I have a full AZ/EL system running here at my QTH and it really rocks,
but the eggbeaters that I'm running do most of the winter work. (tough
to get the rotor moving in -30 degree temps) That's where the eggbeaters

Here's Jerry's site: http://member.aol.com/k5oe/

If you don't stick with the eggbeaters, I would reconsider the M2
antennas. They are working on a polarity switching system at this time
and it should be available soon. Call them if you have any questions. If
you do the AZ/EL system, do it right from the start!

Good luck to you!

Mark Fossum - N0NSV

At 02:43 PM 3/20/00 +0000, Howard Long wrote:
>Sorry to answer a question with a question, but I'm interested at your
>comments about the 70cm M2 Eggbeater & SSB Electronics preamp combination,
>as I was about to put that exact setup on the roof of my apartment block in
>the next few days.
>Is the combination really that bad? The QST review back in January 1996
>seems to suggest that the M2 really is pretty good when compared to a
>vertical (which is all I have right now).
>Although I do have some crossed yagis ready to put up on an Az El rotator
>(which I've used before), I have a new QTH, and I am resisting putting them
>up just yet until I can test the neighbor reaction with something a bit less
>over powering.
>FWIW, I have used both a 9-ele crossed Tonna (11') and a 7-ele DIY crossed
>ZL Special on 2m (6'), and both a 19-ele crossed Tonna (10') and a 12-ele
>DIY crossed ZL Special on 70cm (5'). I used a home brew mast mounted coax
>relay switched phasing harness to produce LHCP, RHCP, Horz and Vert
>polarizations with both. The Tonna's were great for radio reception, but not
>great for the reception they got from my neighbors. So the ZL's at half the
>size seemed a reasonable compromise. These were actually made out of the
>combined parts of two linearly polarised antennas each.
>73s, Howard G6LVB
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>From: Richard Parry <rparry@qualcomm.com>
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>Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 3:31 AM
>Subject: [amsat-bb] Antenna suggestions
>  > On my base station, I am currently using the M2 70cm eggbeater with SSB
>  > 70cm preamp to listen to the LEOs (UO22, KO23, KO25, TO31, UO14, AO27,
>  > SO35, the PACSATS and eventually P3D). I can hear these satellites, but
>  > signals are only slightly above the noise level. On my mobile station,
>  > using my hand held "directional" Arrow antenna I get much better results
>  > over the base stations's Omnidirectional eggbeater. So it is time to bite
>  > the bullet and purchase a good antenna and rotor for the base
>  > station.  Here is what I am planning.
>  >
>  > M2
>  > The M2 multi element yagis are nice, but they do NOT allow polarity
>  > switching. I think that is important so I am not considering the M2
>  >
>  > KLM
>  > I have heard good things about their satellite antennas, but they are out
>  > of business. I don't want to worry about getting spare parts etc.
>  >
>  > HY-GAIN
>  > Haven't heard much about these, but someone said the "older" Hy-Gains were
>  > very poor.
>  >
>  > This is my current choice. I plan on getting the A144-10T a (2 x 5
>  > beam for 2 meters, the 416TB (2 x 8 element) beam for 440. These are about
>  > 6 feet long. The longer 12 foot antennas provide only 3-4 db more gain and
>  > I think I need it considering my goal of working the LEOs rather than
>  >
>  > Your comments on my reasoning and choice are welcome,
>  > Rich Parry, W9IF
>  >
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Rich Parry, W9IF

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