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Re: Antenna suggestions


Sorry to answer a question with a question, but I'm interested at your
comments about the 70cm M2 Eggbeater & SSB Electronics preamp combination,
as I was about to put that exact setup on the roof of my apartment block in
the next few days.

Is the combination really that bad? The QST review back in January 1996
seems to suggest that the M2 really is pretty good when compared to a
vertical (which is all I have right now).

Although I do have some crossed yagis ready to put up on an Az El rotator
(which I've used before), I have a new QTH, and I am resisting putting them
up just yet until I can test the neighbor reaction with something a bit less
over powering.

FWIW, I have used both a 9-ele crossed Tonna (11') and a 7-ele DIY crossed
ZL Special on 2m (6'), and both a 19-ele crossed Tonna (10') and a 12-ele
DIY crossed ZL Special on 70cm (5'). I used a home brew mast mounted coax
relay switched phasing harness to produce LHCP, RHCP, Horz and Vert
polarizations with both. The Tonna's were great for radio reception, but not
great for the reception they got from my neighbors. So the ZL's at half the
size seemed a reasonable compromise. These were actually made out of the
combined parts of two linearly polarised antennas each.

73s, Howard G6LVB

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 > On my base station, I am currently using the M2 70cm eggbeater with SSB
 > 70cm preamp to listen to the LEOs (UO22, KO23, KO25, TO31, UO14, AO27,
 > SO35, the PACSATS and eventually P3D). I can hear these satellites, but
 > signals are only slightly above the noise level. On my mobile station,
 > using my hand held "directional" Arrow antenna I get much better results
 > over the base stations's Omnidirectional eggbeater. So it is time to bite
 > the bullet and purchase a good antenna and rotor for the base
 > station.  Here is what I am planning.
 > M2
 > The M2 multi element yagis are nice, but they do NOT allow polarity
 > switching. I think that is important so I am not considering the M2
 > KLM
 > I have heard good things about their satellite antennas, but they are out
 > of business. I don't want to worry about getting spare parts etc.
 > Haven't heard much about these, but someone said the "older" Hy-Gains were
 > very poor.
 > This is my current choice. I plan on getting the A144-10T a (2 x 5
 > beam for 2 meters, the 416TB (2 x 8 element) beam for 440. These are about
 > 6 feet long. The longer 12 foot antennas provide only 3-4 db more gain and
 > I think I need it considering my goal of working the LEOs rather than
 > Your comments on my reasoning and choice are welcome,
 > Rich Parry, W9IF
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