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Re: Sat. ops for Clipperton Is. DX-pedition

Hello Jim,
I want to thank you very much for your help with the satellite info on
Clipperton.  We only made a dozen contacts on AO-10, but without your
help, we'd not even have them.

Not having backups of programs and keps on diskette was a real
mistake, but I didn't realize I was THE satellite guy until a week
before we left, and I had only come on board a month earlier, with
RTTY operating as my primary goal.

I loaded up my computer with lots of information, but that all became
inaccessible two days out. 1st mistake.

While we were loaned an IC-821H for the trip, we didn't ask for or get
preamps!!  Mea culpa.  2nd mistake.

I took my Arrow along, and we were loaned a pair of beams by M2, but
didn't assemble them since they weren't really suitable for hand
positioning for the LEO sats. 3rd mistake (although 4 elements on 2m
and 11 on 70cm wouldn't have been much better then the Arrow).
We did have a photographers tripod for the Arrow which made operation
using it almost convenient.

I have an az-el rotator system almost finished, which I should have
taken, and then we could have easily have done something with the LEO's.
With no printer, a shortage of computers (we lost another just after
landing), pointing data had to be hand copied off the screen to use at
the sat station.  It was much easier to make 50 RTTY contacts.

So, I'm glad we got the few satellite contacts we did get, and I'm
very sorry there weren't more.  BTW, most of the one's we did get were
CW, and Koji, JK7TKE, was the most able operator for them.

We didn't get the information that Sunsat was turned on for us until
we'd been on our way home for two days, and never quite got enough
information about UO-14, either, so those two big changes didn't get
through to us in time.

So, that's the story of FO0AAA and satellite operation, as I see it.
I would like to have done more.
Next time....

Has anyone built any good DXpedition antennas?  I'd like to see
something like the arrow antennas, but CP and with 6 or 8 foot booms.
If I'd have had something good that I could take down quickly and
carry easily, I might have gotten another evening's operation.
And we're going to be needing L and S band antennas suitable for
traveling, soon, I hope.

73, doug
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