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Antenna suggestions

On my base station, I am currently using the M2 70cm eggbeater with SSB 
70cm preamp to listen to the LEOs (UO22, KO23, KO25, TO31, UO14, AO27, 
SO35, the PACSATS and eventually P3D). I can hear these satellites, but the 
signals are only slightly above the noise level. On my mobile station, 
using my hand held "directional" Arrow antenna I get much better results 
over the base stations's Omnidirectional eggbeater. So it is time to bite 
the bullet and purchase a good antenna and rotor for the base 
station.  Here is what I am planning.

The M2 multi element yagis are nice, but they do NOT allow polarity 
switching. I think that is important so I am not considering the M2 antennas.

I have heard good things about their satellite antennas, but they are out 
of business. I don't want to worry about getting spare parts etc.

Haven't heard much about these, but someone said the "older" Hy-Gains were 
very poor.

This is my current choice. I plan on getting the A144-10T a (2 x 5 element) 
beam for 2 meters, the 416TB (2 x 8 element) beam for 440. These are about 
6 feet long. The longer 12 foot antennas provide only 3-4 db more gain and 
I think I need it considering my goal of working the LEOs rather than AO10.

Your comments on my reasoning and choice are welcome,
Rich Parry, W9IF

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