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Re: KLM2m-14c

At 04:49 PM 3/19/2000 -0800, Bob V Johnson wrote:
>I"m finally installing a used KLM2M-14c.  With the relay de-energized is
>it RHCP or LHCP?

It can be assembled either way.

Mine is assembled so that deenergized is LHCP.

Because you will use the thing most of the time in RHCP, wiring it up so 
that you get RHCP in the deenergized state makes more sense.  Because I 
used the thing in RHCP mode most of the time, I've tended to leave the 
power to the relay on all the time.  This is a bad thing to do.  Any water 
that gets onto the board containing the live 12V causes corrosion, and 
leaving the 12V live all the time makes more time available for this to 
happen.  At one point the conductors were eaten completely off the board, 
and had to be replaced with wires.

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