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Re: PSK1 + IC820H connections

My setup is similar, I just have the '821.  My NB96 is in transit from
Paccomm, but I wrote down the connections in my manual.

    Radio                                    TNC
    2 - GND                                2 - GND
    3 - SEND                              3 - PTT
    4 - AMOD / PACT                 1 - AFSK / GMSK output
    5 - AF / DISC                        4 - AF/GMSK input
    6 - SQL                                5 - SQUELCH input

Best I remember, this took a lot of experimenting.

I bought mine used, but there was an addendum.  Here it is in its entirety:

Connecting the TNC-NB96 & PSK-1
In order to allow more flexibility in radio connections to DFM-SA and PSK-1
products, Paccomm recently added some extra connections to the sockets on
these products.  These allow the use of separate radios for 9600 and 1200
baud transmissions with no external switching being required.  These changes
also allow separate 1200 and 9600 baud connections to be made to the same
radio, if necessary.

Interconnecting the TNC-NB96 and PSK-1
When you receive your TNC-NB96 and PSK-1, you should first find two short
DIN cable included in the package.

Take one of these cables and connect it from the RADIO socket of the
TNC-NB96 to the TNC RADIO CONNECTOR socket (J4) on the PSK-1.

Take the DIN cable and connect it from the PSK MODEM socket of the TNC-NB96
to the TNC MODEM CONNECTOR of the PSK-1.

Note that the connections between these sockets are pin-for-pin, 1 goes to
1, 2 goes to 2, etc.

Jumper settings
The following jumper should be changed on the DFM (9600) board within the

JUMPER                        DEFAULT                                CHANGED
=======                       =======
JP10                              ON
JP11                              ON
JP26                              OFF

When these are "OFF", stow the jumper on either of the pins for

For one or two radio operation, configure as follows:

JUMPER                        ONE RADIO                            TWO RADIO
=======                       =========                            =========
JP15                              2-3
JP16                              2-3

On the foil side of the board, existing traces link 2-3.  Cut these traces
so that two radio operation can be used.

PSK-1 Radio Connections
Note:  The connections on p4 and p5 of the manual are incorrect.
Connections are as follows:

J1            Pin            Signal
               1               VHF Radio TX Audio    9600/1200        (red
wire in my cable)
               2               Ground
               3               VHF Radio PTT
               4               VHF Radio RX Audio    9600/1200
               5               VHF Radio RF DCD     9600/1200       (green)
               6               <UHF Radio RX Audio>
               7               <UHF Radio Step Up>
               8               <UHF Radio Step Down>

Note:  VHF TXA, PTT, & RXA are 9600 baud only if used with two radios.

J3            Pin            Signal
               1               UHF Radio Step Up
               2               Ground
               3               UHF Radio RX Audio
               4               Ground
               5               UHF Radio Step Down
               6               VHF Radio TX Audio     1200
               7               VHF Radio RX Audio     1200
               8               VHF Radio PTT            1200

Paul, I only connected using J1.  That way, it allowed me to do both 1200
and 9600 baud packet.  There was also a diagram with the documentation, but
I didn't include that because it was for the FT-726 / 736 and diagrams don't
draw well using Arial font.  On J1, I added the color of the wires.  Seems
like a lot of experimenting went into making my setup work.  When it finally
started working, it never failed until about a month ago when my TNC stopped
communicating with my PC.

Best of luck es 73,

Joel B. Black, K2SAT
AMSAT Local Area Coordinator
AO-10, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29
KO-25, TO-31, UO-22

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> I am having trouble getting my PacComm PSK-1/TNC96NB combo interfaced
> with my Icom 820H.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who
> successfully accomplished this.  The cable pin out/configuration along
> with any other tips/hints/ideas would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Paul Carr
> Grid BQ11
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