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Hi All,

I have just had my copy of the recently published book by: Rick Fleeter,
K8VK   "The Logic of Microspace".  I thought I would share my impressions,
although I have just only browsed through it.

It is not a book review, nor am I a promoter of this book for any pecuniary
gain.  Since I saw an article written by Rick in the AMSAT Newsletter, not
too long ago, I thought this book might be of keen interest to the Amateur
Community, or to those who are in the satellite business.  

Perhaps, an analogy would be the Mama's freshly baked cake on the kitchen
table. You surreptitiously take a small crust that seem to be out of place,
take a bite and realise, the cake has now gone slightly askew. To correct
it,  you start nibbling the other end.  Before you know it,  you have a big
chunk and happily demolishing it while running around the table,  with
mamma chasing you with a rolling pin. You won't be admonished for reading
this book.   

This book is a delight.  Only once in a while you get something,  that is,
Fenyman, Arthur C. Clarke and good practical lateral thinking of Edward De
Bono,  all rolled in one.  Rick's tongue in the cheek humour is infectious.
 Reminds me of my own teachers  who used to pepper their lectures with
delightful stories while imparting knowledge. This book is such a treat,
and is already by my bedside.

The following sites should give you the information on the book, as well as
Rick's interview.  Have fun.  I only hope this short epistle was not out of
place.  If so, this might redeem me. 

 I worked UO 14 a minute ago and spoke to DU1EV and VK6BMT, and have a sked
with DU1EV to work AO -10 in about 15 minutes. 




Sangat, 9M2SS 

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