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Re: New Icom Rig?

In a message dated 3/17/00 2:46:07 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
cbuttsch@slonet.org writes:

<< Is there an announced price on this rig yet?  Cliff K7RR
 On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, John, N8Ghz wrote:
 > It is being said that there is a new ICOM radio..
 > IC-910  ...a 2mtr/70cm/23cm All-mode...
 > 100w on 2, 75w on 70cm, and 10w on 1240-1300mhz?
 > Sketchy info here:
 > http://www.tvs-online.it/page11.html >>
Well Cliff, as I am currently in the market for such a system, I am in the 
midst of
researching this newest option.  I just spoke to Icom an hour ago and gladly 
informed them of the news.  They had no idea, but dug a little while I waited 
and the engineer I had on the line was able to confirm our suspicions.  
Nevertheless it was news to him.  I guess you and I are just on the cutting 
edge here.  I first learned of the IC-821's demise last weekend while at the 
Charlotte hamfest and simultaneously learned of this upcoming option that now 
at least has a name.  I'm pretty sure that a price for us to look at is even 
further out on the horizon than even the rig itself.  I just spent the past 
hour or so digging around on the various Icom web sites and have seen no 
mention of the IC-910H.  I almost feel proud to be publicly announcing this 
upcoming option in equipment.  I assure you it was purley accidental when I 
discovered such a thing was in the works, for that matter the only rumor 
flying at the time was that Kenwood has something in the works and I say has, 
because they're
being real mysterious unlike Icom, which just means yea, they too have a rig 
in the works.  I'm sure either system will be a nice addition to the 
shack...Take care.
73 - Steve
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