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Re: What satellites are current?

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Brockwell, Stephen E. wrote:

> Became introduced to satellites by Jeff Johns on the qrp-l list with info on
> working AO-27.  I have listened to it a few times and want to learn more.  
> Can anyone point me to a listing of the satellites that are currently
> working?

If you have a UHF FM HT or radio, you can hear all of these (if you have a
good antenna and NO lengthy piece of COAX.

UO22, KO23, KO25, TO31, AO27(days), UO14, SO35(sometimes when enabled)

The first 5 are digital.  And what you will hear will be almost white
noise, just like open squelch.  But tune up and down 10 KHz and you can
clearly see where it is centered and if you have a gain antenna, you will
see your S-Meter peak as you point at the satellite.  If you have a 9600
baud TNC you will see the packets from them...

Using only the $88 alinco DJ-41 UHF HT held at the focal point of a 16"
byt 24" piece of chicken wire bent into a parabolic corner reflector, will
get you enough gain to hear these birds well (though this particular HT is
about 6 dB poorer than an expensive one)..

Without the chicken wire corner reflector, you wont hear the birds except
for about 1 minute or so in the middle of a high elevation pass.  In other
words, you will only hear about 10% of the passes...  But it will give you
something to start with..

Good luck.
de WB4APR, Bob

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