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Re: UO-14 Interference

On Fri, 17 Mar 2000, Asdrubal A. Lugaro wrote:

> I do hear some spanish speaking stations from Argentina I think , when the
> bird comes up from the south specially during the evening passes.  They talk
> about industrial issues such as water pumps and other issues related.  They
> are very loud and there hasn't been a day that they are not there.

Manfred, XQ2FOD, recently posted similar observations to KO-25:


Hi all!

I tried to give UO-14's voice repeater a try this morning. The satellite works
great, but it was totally unuseable because of extremely heavy QRM on the
uplink, mostly by pirate stations.

Among the things I heard were a company organizing their distribution of
propane bottles, a fishery ordering spare parts for a ship engine, someone
talking about which power transmission line to use as a backup while shutting
down that generating plant, someone calling his neighbor and asking about the
weather forecast, etc. 

The only thing I did NOT hear, was any ham callsign.

One of those stations was distinctly argentinian (from the pronunciation),
another was chilean (the guy mentioned his location, San Jose de Maipo, that's
very close to Santiago). The others were talking in a kind of spanish slang
that I cannot identify properly. They used words like "mande" to request
repeats, which I know is usual in Mexico, but the satellite footprint
did not cover Mexico at that time. I guess those stations must have been
peruvian or perhaps bolivian, but I have no certainty.

What is certain, is that it would require high uplink power to use UO-14
over South America. With my 25 Watt into my 2x8 yagi, I was able to put my 
signal on top of the pirates only a few times.

The positive thing is that UO-14 allows to easily hear why it is sometimes so
hard to uplink to the digital birds! 

I'm sorry to say, South America is aflood in pirate stations.


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