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Re: UX-14 units

Hi Ron,
Thanks very much for the post.
>It is out of production as we suspected. Also as we guessed it uses a 
>pre-programmed microprocessor. However, the microprocessor is available 
>from Icom at approximately US$38.
This looks like the first bit of good news we've had for some time.

>The gentleman I spoke to promised to send me a schematic and parts list 
>which I will share.
I certainly look forward very much to seeing the results.

>Is anyone who has a radio which is equipped with the ux-14 option willing 
>to remove and photograph it? 
I have a friend who has one still in the box. Do you mean just a general
photo or specifically for production of a PCB? My friend has a good digital
I spoke to him by phone a few minutes ago and he is quite willing to take a
close-up of the unit if that is satisfactory.

>Also how is the pcb mounted in the radio? 
There are pads that it picks up on the chassis of the radios. Four screws if
my memory serves me.

>What cables or connectors are used? 
The UX-14 unit has a heap of wires coming out culminating in an 8-pin plug
and a 9-pin plug which connect to J-1 and J-3 on the logic unit of the
ic-271/471 (different numbered connectors in other radios). It's output is
via a shielded fly-lead with a mini phone jack type connector attached for
external connection via the accessory plate on the rear of the radio. In my
case this goes off to the KCT/T.

>Would a clone have to be exactly the same 
>size or is there a bit of space for a larger pcb?
There is plenty of space inside the ic271/471 series ... can't speak for others.
You would just have to pick up an earth from somewhere.

>How badly do folks want this option, i.e. what are you willing to pay?

My guess is that there would be people willing to pay. The original units
retailed for A$120 here in VK and I believe HRO had them in the States for
US$100. If the pcb and components could be put together for (say) maybe a
little less than this I think they would sell. (but that's just my humble
opinion). My radios have them in already but every time I've mentioned this
topic on our local AMSAT net one or two people express interest. As a good
guess I'd say I could place 4-6 units straight away. 

>Are there any volunteers to do a pcb layout?
Good question .... I don't have the facilities. Guess we could canvas that
question right here.

Thanks again for the on-going interest Ron. I know at least 3 guys here in
OZ that are following the thread with interest.

Regards, Bill...vk3jt


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