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Re: Going digital

> I think the ARRL/TAPR should form a committee to come up with the
> fundamental basics that ALL hams should learn so that anytime, anywhere,
> they can use a radio to establish a digital link with ANY PC nearby.  Not
> just their own...

There's a web-based discussion group a-building at the ARRL site on what
should be covered in their new Certification and Continuing Education Program.
See ARLB015 or 


> Or, just the audio cables and a disk with SOUND-CARD "TNC" software.
> Or your BAYCOM and a disk.   Whatever...

Maybe based on one of the compact diskette bootable versions of Linux. Trinux
comes to mind as an example. It might be fun to build a freely distributable
Linux-based TNC/packet terminal that will run by booting from a diskette into
any PC with a sound card.

> Rather than a 5, 13 or 20 WPM code exam, maybe the HAM TESTS should
> require every operator to demonstrate this ability?

Not to mention the ability to reply to a message without quoting the whole
thing. :-) 

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