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RE: Future satellite rigs.

Adding to the speculation, the store I generally buy from has indicated 
that Kenwood was going to announce a new radio at Dayton this 
year.  Possibly something that was in the 847 class machine.

Larry WA0GWA

At 05:49 PM 03/14/2000 -0500, you wrote:
 > > I can tell a little about this.  One of the guys I regularly talk to on a
 > > local 220 repeater is both a die hard VHF Dxer and works for Kenwood.  He
 > > regularly gets to play with stuff that is still in alpha or beta testing.
 > > Some time ago, while in a conversation with him about the Yaesu 736 being
 > > "replaced" with the 847, and the general lack of VHF/UHF all mode 
 > radios, he
 > > told me (and I come close to quoting) We have seen what the competition is
 > > doing and there is room for improvement.   Try as I can, I can't get him to
 > > tell me anything more.  I hope that means that Kenwood is coming up with
 > > something good!  Sounds like it to me...
 >Isn't that what they all say about the competition? :-)

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