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Re: Balloon Helium Final Answer

On Tue, 14 Mar 2000 Aszumski@cs.com wrote:

> Now that we have all the details on the balloon, what about the mission?  

Sorry, just the usual educational mission... Launched from Annapolis MD
1 April for an expected 90 mile flight to Deleware.

APRS telemetry on 433.92 MHz  (10 mw.  You will need GAIN to hear it)
 * Battery voltage
 * Solar radiance
 * Temp of a black panel
 * Temp of a white panel
 * Temp of an aluminum panel
 * Pressure altitude
 * STATUS (on/off) bits
   - Balloon supporting the payload or not
   - Tilt switch
   - Balloon in water

Mostly a thermal experiment to confirm thermal absorbtance and emissivity
of space coatings for our satellite project... and validate our COMM/
telemetry system.

Notice, no GPS.  This thing is not much bigger than a 35mm film can...
and is going up on three 18" party balloons.  Probable burst height is
only 25k feet...  We WILL Need DF'ers to recover it the old fashioned 
way...  We will want accurate beam headings reported automatically on
144.39 from anyone within 150 miles that can hear it...

So if you are going to listen for us, please confirm your beam AZ and
Elevation calibration... so we get good data...


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