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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - Other... potential threats ?


I have just opened a 'radio communications' trade magazine and seen that
Nokia is offering a point-to-point set in the 58GHz band: 
*	4-500m range quoted as usual; 
*	no "band planning" as "This band does not require coordinated band
planning... the radio is self-regulating, as it works out the best channel
to use for transmission during the initial system setup.... Thanks to the
special nature of the band, the frequency charges in Australia have been set
at $187 a year (~US$120), with an initial issue charge of $112 per link
*	pictures show... "small and unobtrusive with a fully integrated
antenna - smaller than an A4 size paper at the front" ( and about 2cm/2in
thick, plus electronics pack mounted at rear.) (i.e. probably a series of
spirals etched in PC board material under the plastic cover.)

Look for MetroHopper  (or also MetroHub/MetroSite)
But not at http://nokia-asia.com/
Instead, check out http://www.nokia.com/networks/mobile/bss/microwave.html


Our new http://www.TELSTRA.com.au telephone White Pages arrived today. It
has a satellite on the cover, specifically the Hughes HS601 class PAS 2/3/4
variant (http://www.PanAmSat.com) in stylised but recognisable form. 
See http://www.hughespace.com/factsheets/601/pas_234/pas_234.html
The nearest one to us (PAS-2) is at 169E.
"In November 1991, PanAmSat Corporation <http://www.panamsat.com>  ordered
three HS 601 model satellites from Hughes Space and Communications Company.
The satellites provide video services for program distribution and
syndication; data services for business applications; and services for
video, radio, data and telephone transmission. They were placed over the
Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, respectively. In August 1993, PanAmSat
ordered a fourth satellite, to be used as a spare. The spare was pressed
into service to replace the first PAS-3 spacecraft, which was lost during a
launch vehicle failure."

Peter R. Ellis

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