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Re: UX-14 units


I apologize for sending this a second time but I changed the subject so the 
msg will be sorted to the old thread and not a new thread.

This question about the availability of the Icom ux-14 option for the
ic-271/471/1271 keeps coming up.

I called Icom support on the ux-14 question and got the following info.

It is out of production as we suspected. Also as we guessed it uses a 
pre-programmed microprocessor. However, the microprocessor is available 
from Icom at approximately US$38.

The gentleman I spoke to promised to send me a schematic and parts list 
which I will share.

Is anyone who has a radio which is equipped with the ux-14 option willing 
to remove and photograph it? Also how is the pcb mounted in the radio? What 
cables or connectors are used? Would a clone have to be exactly the same 
size or is there a bit of space for a larger pcb?

How badly do folks want this option, i.e. what are you willing to pay? Are 
there any volunteers to do a pcb layout?

73, ron w8gus.

At 07:30 AM 3/14/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>At 08:22 AM 3/14/2000 +1100, vk3jt wrote:
>>...would also require the UX-14 parallel to serial converter unit to allow
>>computer control of doppler tuning.
>The UX-14 is not merely a level converter. It converts from the older Icom 
>CI-IV system to the current Icom CI-V packet-type protocol. I don't 
>believe it could be easily copied since it uses some non-standard parts 
>such as a programmed ROM or a microprocessor. If Icom would cooperate, 
>which is not likely, it could be cloned with say a PIC.
>ron w8gus.
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