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Re: P3D Telemetry and Experiment Data

On 3/13/00 10:23 AM Mike (Zeus@myth.demon.co.uk) wrote:

>Paul Williamson wrote:
>> I would very much like to have a more "active" archive for P3D, and for 
>matter for any other satellite that transmits telemetry.
>> Doing all that stuff takes a minute to describe, but many many hours to 
>implement. If anybody out there with the appropriate programming skills 
>(Unix, database, CGI, whatnot) wants to take this on, let's talk.
>This idea sounds extremely good, once a system like this is set up it
>should be largely self maintaining. As you say though, the difficult bit
>is the initial implementation.

I'm implementing a system like this for APRS data. With 300,000 packets 
of APRS data each day, this is a much more challenging task, but even 
this isn't that difficult. I'm using a MySQL database backend, Perl 
scripts for database entry, and Perl and Java CGI's for accessing the 
data. At present the system is running front to back, I still have work 
to do in prettying things up, and in processing more types of APRS data. 
I also have a more powerful server (dual PIII 600) on order, the present 
system (PII 233) is only able to handle a few simultaneous queries.

One easy possibility is to write a simple interface that sends the P3D 
data to the APRS server, where it would be stored and available for 
download with the rest of the data. Custom CGIs can be written to access 
this data and display it any way you'd like. If anyone is interested in 
doing this I can give you a little guidance along the way...

Steve K4HG
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