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Re: P3D Telemetry and Experiment Data

Paul Williamson wrote:
> I would very much like to have a more "active" archive for P3D, and for that matter for any other satellite that transmits telemetry.

> Doing all that stuff takes a minute to describe, but many many hours to implement. If anybody out there with the appropriate programming skills (Unix, database, CGI, whatnot) wants to take this on, let's talk.

This idea sounds extremely good, once a system like this is set up it
should be largely self maintaining. As you say though, the difficult bit
is the initial implementation. My web skills only go as far as html,
Javascript and graphics unfortunately. In the meantime all thats needed
initially is some ftp space we can store submitted data and an email
address (or ftp incoming area) that is made available. If I can help in
any of this, please let me know :o)

Mike G1VOX

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