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UX-14 units

Hi all,

Pardon me for re-introducing this thread but it just seemed to taper off a
few months ago without coming to anything.

There must still be many of the older ICOM IC-271/471 series radios around.
Mine are still working fine on the digital birds. It was brought to my
attention recently that the 23cm version of the same series, the IC-1271,
would also require the UX-14 parallel to serial converter unit to allow
computer control of doppler tuning from (say) the KCT/T.

Now, I guess ICOM made quite a few of these sets and presumably they were
all sold so they should still be out there in the wild somewhere and would
no doubt be quite OK for "L" band uplinks or downlinks on P3D. I have a
friend who has one and hopes to use it for digital work on P3D, so ... the
search goes on for the UX-14 units.

As I recall from the last thread a few people suggested duplicating the
units. I don't know if that idea went any further. I don't have the
resources to tackle such a job but I think there would be a market for a
circuit board or kit or perhaps an article in the AMSAT journal. I could
place a half-dozen or so units right away.

Regards, Bill...vk3jt

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